Ermanno Scervino
In 2000 he was born in Florence Maison Ermanno Scervino, become synonymous with Made in Italy quality and style Internazionale.La passion that fuels the creative research is the engine of corporate strategy, since over the origin of tags. The continuous interaction between knowledge and experimentation takes the form of a product that combines the craft of innovation excellence. Dates back to 2007, the inauguration of the headquarters in the hills surrounding Firenze.La venue hosts various workshops couture, tailoring, knitwear, Junior Apparel, atelier, packaging prototyping and development, all in constant dialogue with the design offices, to the benefit of the modus operandi Ermanno Scervino who likes to follow firsthand the developments of his research, remaining in deep contact with the machining operations. They reside in the new headquarters also the administrative part and the logistics of production and distribution of the whole group in order to give dynamism to the production side allowing a process of industrialization that allows for a non-standardized product and high quality.
Abito lungo in maglia con spille Beige/Beige
€ 750.00

Ermanno Scervino - Abito lungo in maglia con spille

Jeans con ricamo Tucano Sky-blue/Azzurro
€ 800.00

Ermanno Scervino - Jeans con ricamo Tucano

Giacca inserti in corda Beige/Panna
€ 1,480.00

Ermanno Scervino - Giacca inserti in corda

Jeans bootcut nero ricamato Black/Nero
€ 410.00

Ermanno Scervino - Jeans bootcut nero ricamato

Jeans Slim nero ricamato con fiorellini Black/Nero
€ 550.00

Ermanno Scervino - Jeans Slim nero ricamato con fiorellini

Top con manichina e pizzo nero Sky-blue/Azzurro
€ 660.00

Ermanno Scervino - Top con manichina e pizzo nero

T-shirt occhi di gatto Bianco/White
€ 340.00

Ermanno Scervino - T-shirt occhi di gatto

Jeans Bianco con ricamo ad intarsio Bianco/White
€ 610.00

Ermanno Scervino - Jeans Bianco con ricamo ad intarsio

Giacca Damascato Sky-blue/Azzurro
€ 1,090.00

Ermanno Scervino - Giacca Damascato

Camicia di seta bianca Bianco/White
€ 840.00

Ermanno Scervino - Camicia di seta bianca

Jeans Bootcut con Intarsio Sky-blue/Azzurro
€ 430.00

Ermanno Scervino - Jeans Bootcut con Intarsio

Sandal in Black Leather Black/Nero
€ 790.00

Ermanno Scervino - Sandal in Black Leather

Sneaker Jewel Bianco/White
€ 790.00

Ermanno Scervino - Sneaker Jewel

Shoulder bag Purple/Viola
€ 1,980.00

Ermanno Scervino - Shoulder bag

Shoulder bag Beige/Beige
€ 1,980.00

Ermanno Scervino - Shoulder bag