Ralph Lauren
In 1967, Lauren began designing men's ties, with the financial support of Norman Hilton Manhattan clothing manufacturer, inventing the brand with the Polo name and selling its new products at department stores, including Bloomingdale. Ralph Lauren has also expanded its design fashion designs, a line of men's clothing. In 1970, Lauren was awarded the Coty Award for his menswear designs. Following this recognition, he has released a line of women's clothes tailored in a classic men's style. In 1972, Lauren has released a cotton shirt with short sleeves available in 24 shades of different colors. The shirt was decorated with the Polo logo, and has become the official signing of its brand. Ralph Lauren has subsequently expanded his brand to include a luxury clothing line called Ralph Lauren Purple, a collection for the house called decor Ralph Lauren Home, and a collection of scented fragrances. The Polo brand currently produces clothing for men, women and children. Lauren has also designed Olympic uniforms for Team USA. Additional awards he has been made following the request of assignment for the design of the costume designs of some characters in the film The Great Gatsby.

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