Michael Kors

The brand is famous for its handbags: stylish and chic Skorpios leather clutch and Uptown Astor, the new Astor bag, a brand's "must".

Michael Kors, the brand founded in 1981 by fashion designer Michael Kors is one of the most famous brands in America and around the world. With its “jet set” style MK is a luxury brand that combines style and elegance with casual. The brand covers a wide range of products ranging from clothing to accessories, from bags to shoes to perfumes and beauty products. MK is a brand that combines luxury with accessibility.
Borsa in Pelle Annodata nero/grigio
€ 1,090.00

Michael Kors - Borsa in Pelle Annodata

Borsa in Pelle Annodata Brown/Marrone
€ 1,090.00

Michael Kors - Borsa in Pelle Annodata

Miranda Skin 100% Brown/Marrone
€ 290.00

Michael Kors - Miranda Skin 100%

Skorpios leather 100% Black/Nero
€ 990.00

Michael Kors - Skorpios leather 100%

Julie Skin 100% Nero/Bianco
€ 850.00

Michael Kors - Julie Skin 100%

Skorpios Beige/Beige
€ 725.00

Michael Kors - Skorpios

out of stock

Skorpios Grey/Grigio
€ 725.00

Michael Kors - Skorpios

Helena Grey/Grigio
€ 1,290.00

Michael Kors - Helena